For over 20 years, my family has known Jay Schiesl, Ward 4 candidate for Dubuque City Council, as a friend, parent, coach, colleague and employer.

He is a man of faith and compassion. When many others turned their back on the Washington Park area, he moved his family there and painstakingly restored what is a beautiful home. He was instrumental in the development of the Dream Center.

Jay cares about people and has shown it through serving on the Dubuque School Board and the many Dubuque agencies where he volunteers his time.


Jay will be a voice of reason and, when merited, dissent. He is willing to challenge the status quo which we dearly need in our great city. He will not fall lockstep into the majority without first considering how his vote will affect all Dubuquers.

Jay and his wife, Terri, have owned a successful business and he is employed at a place where results matter. This is the kind of thinking we need on our council.