Spring is here. Coronavirus is waning as more people get vaccinated. It’s time to re-emerge and get out of the house. I encourage you to get out of the car, too, and go for a walk. Head out your front door and go somewhere — a park, restaurant, store, library, farmers market or to visit friends. Walk with your family, friends, dog or on your own. Make walking part of your routine — walk to work, school or church.

As you walk, pay attention — notice flowers blooming and birds singing, admire the architecture of buildings and character of neighborhoods, listen to your thoughts or say a silent prayer. When you’re out and about, you’ll have the opportunity to greet neighbors old and new and begin to reweave some of the social fabric that was frayed during this pandemic year.

As a relatively new Dubuquer — almost three years — I’ve come to love this city on foot. Of the 11 cities I’ve lived in, none had pedestrian enticements like tri-state views, the nation’s biggest river, or bluffs with stairways and cable cars. The only thing better would be more Dubuquers out on the sidewalk — I’ll wave to you as we pass by.

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