A recent letter writer opined the praises of Obama’s administration and closed by stating “all without scandal.” (May 26).

That’s rewriting history at its best.

I offer liberals praising Obama some help with their selective memory disorder.

Fast and Furious: Gun running for drugs causing the tragic death of a border patrol agent.

Eric Holder subsequently became the first attorney general ever held in contempt of Congress.

Solyndra: The solar panel manufacturer who reaped a $535 million stimulus loan then collapsed, leaving taxpayers holding the bag.

Benghazi: Obama and Hillary’s infamous lies about the embassy attack that cost the lives of four Americans. Obama and Hillary both should have been made to pay for their staggering dereliction of duty.

Hillary’s email: Deliberate deceit and systematic coverup in an effort to paint herself blameless.

IRS targeting: Via the hands of Lois Lerner, targeting Tea Party groups and conservative non-profit entities. After admitting this, Lerner later refused to testify under oath and dodged responsibility yet was allowed to retire with pay.

Obama’s appalling quote; “If you have a successful business, you didn’t build that.”

While Barack was “community organizing,” my family has operated a successful business in this community for four generations, maintaining an enviable record of no full-time employee layoffs in 129 years.

We never received one dime of federal help to achieve this record. Don’t tell me what we built!

To borrow Hillary’s words, he’s “deplorable.”

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