Sometimes it takes a severe storm and power outage to give you a new perspective about life.

This storm took me back to my childhood days when I would go visit my Grandfather Emmert Koob, who lived on a corner in Cascade.

When I would walk past to help my brother on my uncle’s farm, he would be found sitting on his favorite chair listening to the radio. That’s all he was used to and never turned on TV.

When our electricity went out Sunday night (June 30), I was in the same boat. I had to find a pastime — no electricity or TV.

So after listening to the severe weather alerts on a battery powered radio, the “Remember Radio” broadcast came on. Wow! “Gunsmoke.” I loved it!

This reminded me of my Grandfather Emmert. How you had to imagine the winter day, the horses riding on the range, and gunfire.

I really appreciate Sunday night’s radio broadcast and will give my ear to listen again.

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