When did we get to the point where politicians started referring to children as “our kids?” Our kids need this or our kids should do that. In earlier times, they were “my kids.” Young adults graduated from school, found a partner, hopefully for life, and started a family. We were responsible for when the children needed school supplies, health care, spiritual direction, good healthy food, love and attention. We were responsible for teaching them how they spoke with others, for when they wrestled with siblings, learn proper social manners and how to ride a bike and a eventually drive a car, when they wanted an allowance or when to start dating.

Now, politicians have come to believe those cultural responsibilities belong to them. They decide what “our kids” should “think,” how they should “interact” in society, and even how they should think of themselves as sexual beings. If they want to alter their physiology, take birth control or hormones, it should no longer be the parent’s concern. The government sees parents as the manufacturer of the government’s young.

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The suicide rate for trans kids is the highest of any single group of people.

Lou Stuhle




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