We continue to be dismayed at how many Dubuque citizens are ignoring the city ordinance to wear masks outside when they cannot socially distance by six feet, thus protecting others and themselves from COVID-19. Saturday, Sept. 5, we took our 3-year-old granddaughter to the playground at Miracle League of Dubuque at Veterans Memorial Park. We read the fence sign requiring all to wear masks because, logically, it would be difficult to maintain six feet of separation with throngs of adults and children populating the playground. While we were there from 10 a.m. to noon, we witnessed fewer than five other adults and no children wearing masks.

In asking some where their masks were I heard replies such as "We don't have to wear masks here." "Everyone interprets the ordinance differently." "I didn't know masks are required," to simply giving me a blank stare and walking away.


It is no wonder that Iowa is leading the country (as I write this) with the highest number of cases per capita of COVID-19. Our masks did not hinder our enjoyment of the playground in any way but we spent a good deal of time trying to stay away from others which did detract from our full enjoyment. Our granddaughter was able to comply fully with the requirement while there. It seems that if a toddler can do it, certainly all the adults and older children there could bring themselves to obey the ordinance and put others' safety and health first. Dubuque, wear masks!