The character of the Travis Tranel campaign was on full display in the Oct. 16 Telegraph Herald article on our Wisconsin Assembly candidates.

Rather than discuss issues that affect the people of the 49th District, Tranel took the low road when he chose to make an issue of a 2012 Halloween costume and a humorous picture of Donald Trump.

We don’t want these Trump/Tranel-style smear tactics. The people around here are above it. We want to hear about things that affect our families and our future. We want to know how Tranel’s one-sided corporatist agenda, funded by out-of-state money, could possibly help working people of Grant County.

Tranel has been in lockstep with the tea party for years and it’s been disastrous for our district. Tranel told a group of people at a Blue River parade recently, “I’m not as partisan as I used to be.” Wow, give the guy a medal.

On Nov. 8, we will have the opportunity to have a real voice by electing Jesse Bennett to the Wisconsin Assembly. Unencumbered by out-of-state special interests, Jesse will represent us and voice our concerns.

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