For weeks, I have promised to write this letter concerning the outstanding columns of Alan Guebert.

Each Sunday, I save the Business Section of the TH, wanting to end my concentrated read with his challenge of cosmic awareness and, too often, his warning cries to be aware of the consequences of Big Ag.

The headline for Guebert’s Oct. 4 column warned: “Book Shows Need for Balanced Approach to Farming.” The book is Tom Philpott’s “Perilous Bounty: The Looming Collapse of American Farming and How We Can Prevent it.”

Just a couple of excerpts, spotlighting Iowa, might tempt you to add him to your regular reading and caring: Highlighting the essential element, WATER: “the Iowa landscape is the most ‘impressive and brutal example I’d seen of humanity’s will to reorder landscapes to whims.”


Then: “an accounting trick that can’t work too much longer before Midwest farming drives off an ‘ecological cliff.’”

Like Philpott, Guebert argues for “a more balanced approach to farming” and he adds essential details everywhere.

Guebert is as essential as the books he needs to keep on his shelves, and — as usual — he gives details.

I urge all to read him each Sunday and to add farming to your caring if it is not already there.