On Sunday Oct. 4, Jo Daviess County was visited by Illinois 17th District Congressional candidate Esther Joy King. She had a packed day starting in East Dubuque at 9 a.m. and traveling to Galena, Hanover, Elizabeth and finishing up her day in Stockton. She talked to and met over 150 voters total. This was Esther King’s day in Jo Daviess County.

The Telegraph Herald and reporter Erik Hogstrom met Esther and interviewed her at the Galena stop. Imagine my surprise when the article he wrote started off with excellent coverage, and then gave her opponent’s campaign manager the last three paragraphs to blast King and brag up their candidate.


I am all for fair, balanced, and equal coverage of elections. If a TV news show gives two minutes to one candidate they should give two minutes to the other candidate. If a newspaper reporter writes an article about one candidate, they should write one about the other. Erik Hogstrom was covering and reporting on Esther Joy King’s day in Jo Daviess County. Hogstrom’s article should have only had Esther King in it.

The best way to cover the other side is to write an article about her opponent when she visits Jo Daviess County. To allow the opposition a say on Esther’s day when they don’t even visit, seems like unequal and unbalanced reporting. I look forward to an article on Esther Joy King’s opponent where King will get the last three paragraphs.

Editor’s note: When covering political candidate events, TH policy is to reach out to the other side for comment — precisely to add balance.

Dittmar is the Jo Daviess County Republican Party chairman.