Becky Sisco’s editorial praising the policies Joe Biden and Democrats have inflicted on the American people is packed with distortions of fact. Those who view Biden as an “elevation” of the office need a cognitive test more than he.

Biden’s most egregious policy allows an invasion by hordes of illegals and massive quantities of drugs. China makes it. Mexican cartels smuggle it, and Democrat policy enables it. Catholic Charities and others who harbor illegals are confusing compassion with crime.

The COVID-19 vaccine was ordered by President Trump, as was the distribution mechanism. Incompetent Biden appointees slowed the process, and now Joe says “a federal response” won’t stop COVID-19. It is the “responsibility of the states.” When an administration hires vital people based on race and sexual identity before experience and competence, the results are the failures we witness daily.

Build Back Better is nothing less than rampant Socialism and only assures more inflation — the hidden tax that primarily affects the poor and middle class, which Democrats pretend to represent.

The only tyranny existent today lies within the Democrat Party’s plans for permanent power by falsely claiming “voter suppression,” plans to destroy political dissent by eliminating the 60-vote rule, and politicizing the justice system. Add Democrats’ failure to condemn riots that destroyed American cities, and you have a bleak picture of our future under Biden/Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

The 2022 midterm elections will demonstrate that Americans view “woke” as a joke and bring sanity back to our Republic.

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