A year ago, the economy was swimming along, setting records for employment and labor participation. There were more jobs available than workers to fill them. Minority unemployment especially was the lowest it’s ever been. The stock market was continuing

to set all-time highs. Pension plans and retirement

accounts were fattening. Real wage gains and


personal income were increasing.

President Donald Trump’s confronting both America’s enemies and its allies after decades of taking advantage of America (and, therefore, all of us) through the Democrat and Republican political establishments, has moved jobs back to America. Along with Republican tax reform and the Trump administration’s regulatory reform, vast opportunities were opened for America’s citizens.

Despite Trump’s personality and a style that fuels a deranged, irrational hatred in many who oppose him, turns off many “swing voters” and even frustrates many of his supporters, the increasingly positive results of his policies had him in good stead for re-election. Democrats, of political necessity, pulled out their time-worn playbook of dividing people using envy and race and spent three-plus years using entrenched, politically biased bureaucrats to harass and obstruct the administration and derail the revival of the American worker.

Having no record of ever actually having solved a problem and staring an almost certain second Trump term in the face, Democrats could not have asked for a better gift than the coronavirus pandemic. In just a few months, the virus accomplished what their frenzied and unhinged attacks since November of 2016 were unable to realize.

The second quarter saw GDP in the U.S. drop 32.9%, the single biggest quarterly contraction in 75 years. Unemployment reached 14.5% after having been at a 50-year low of 3.5%. On March 23, the markets dropped back to Obama-Biden levels after setting record after record. Tens of thousands of small businesses shut down, many — and many of those jobs — unlikely to return.

So, as workers were increasingly benefiting from an expanding job market and rising real incomes, the government response to COVID-19 slammed the brakes on most economic activity. The suffering and loss caused by the virus became another crisis for Democrats not to waste. They are presently doing their best using the pandemic and appeasing violence to extend the crisis through the elections in November.

You’ll be hearing progressives lament the current suffering of the average worker. You will hear how millions are enduring poverty, unemployment and homelessness. You will hear that wages are “pathetic” while corporate profits soar, even in the midst of the pandemic. You will hear that businesses exploit workers (as if workers cannot move on to other employers). You will hear that unionization (labor monopolies) will correct these inequities and that Democrat and progressive political hegemony is in the best interest of the average worker.

It is nothing new. Nearly 100 years after Franklin Roosevelt’s “New Deal” and 50-plus years after the implementation of the progressive “Great Society,” Democrats spew the same rhetoric and throw money into programs that result only in dependency. It’s time to ask them why the societal and economic problems they pretend to address never improve.

Before COVID-19, Trump administration policies resulted in jobs and opportunities for more and more marginalized people. Democrats would like us all to forget that and believe they can do better. Instead, everyone should remember the tepid economy and stagnant wages resulting from the interventionist economic policies of the Obama-Biden regime.

Given the precedent of his first term, there is no reason not to expect a rapid and prosperous recovery from a second Trump administration. Free, self-sufficient people with jobs don’t need government interventions.

Giese, a Dubuque native, owns Jim Giese Commercial Roofing. His email address is jimgiese@me.com.