I graduated with my Associate of Arts degree with an emphasis in photojournalism in 2006. I have work experience in both portrait and travel photography, but my background has really always been as a photojournalist. I knew from the moment I started taking photography classes that I wanted to document real life. I’ve been working as a photojournalist for the TH for eight years, covering news, features, sports and everything in between.

My role at the newspaper is to provide story-telling photography that can be published on its own or used to complement articles.

I really enjoy going into schools and documenting education in action. Elementary school kids tend to provide some great feature photos, capturing them in the moments that scream childhood.


We also spend a lot of time out and about in the community, seeing what is happening and what we’re able to document that day. Sometimes that’s farmers working their fields, and other days we’re finding ways to illustrate the weather.

I do utilize my portrait photography background when shooting portraits for Her Magazine. I enjoy being a part of this publication highlighting women in our area.

Hands-down my favorite thing to photograph is high school sports and the student athletes that participate in them. Capturing game-action photos is exciting, and provides a challenge to get the “best shot”. Documenting the pure joy that an athlete or team expresses, after scoring in a tight competition or winning championship games, will always be a highlight for me.