I strongly disagree about having pets in all of our parks.

You can educate pet owners all you want, and you are still going to have inconsiderate people out there. There is no way you can enforce any of the rules.

A perfect example is farmers market. Not everyone likes dogs and some people have allergies. We can still be a pet-friendly community without letting animals control my quality of life. You can have the most well-behaved animal and a good responsible owner but all it takes is once.

They shouldn’t be allowed in all apartments either.

What if I have a cat? I should be able to bring her to the park also without the fear of having a confrontation.

Maybe having one or two small parks that animals are allowed might be allowed for a trial period but that is it. There are too many ifs involved and too many things that could happen. I like animals also, but I do not agree at all that they should be allowed at parks on a leash or not.