Many of us have hunkered down, staying home, as if living in an incubator. Available TV and cable programs seemingly ease boredom, provide enough entertainment to maintain a sense of humor, maybe sustain personal equilibrium.

Readers of the Telegraph Herald must have observed and taken seriously Vice President Mike Pence’s visit to Mayo Clinic, in the April 29 edition. Laurel and Hardy, Abbot and Costello, “Saturday Night Live,” and “All in the Family” episodes could not come close to duplicating Mr. Pence’s comedy of errors.

As a way to publicly broadcast his invincibility, the Indiana migrant casually wandered around various facilities at the Minnesota Mayo Clinic without a mask.


His disregard for national standards related to safety of caregivers and donors at the Blood and Plasma Donor Center would suggest he was more than clowning. Could he have been signaling to his Evangelical community that faith takes precedent over science? Was he waving a red flag at those of us who believe freedom of expression, acting out, trumps safeguarding of community health coupled with economic well-being?

Whether previously informed by Mayo Clinic staff or mandated large signage, might unmasked Pence or an Iowa customer at a popular liquor store in East Dubuque declare personal responsibility a joke? For those who are psychologically unaware, outrageous antics — as in Archie Bunker’s — contribute to confusion, chaos and dysfunction; a deliberate maneuver to diminish and divert from efforts to control COVID-19.