Talk about a bad week!

The Democrat Party, which thinks it can run a national insurance program for 180 million people, can’t properly report the results of its own caucus with 1,500 sites. Iowa is now a national joke and might lose its “first in the nation” status. We will miss all the political ads we have endured for months.

Only a die-hard would believe that Donald Trump was going to be removed from office through impeachment by a divided Congress. The votes just weren’t there! Nevertheless, Democrats, led by the Three Stooges, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler, spent millions and wasted three months.

The gist of the Trump transgression was in the transcript released of the call to Ukraine, and the offensive line was “do us a favor.” The Congress could have read this transcript and then been asked to vote on impeachment. Three months of testimony changed nothing. Vote results were set in stone. Democrats voted guilty; the Republicans voted not guilty. Game, set, match. Taxpayers once again were ripped off.

Trump haters, bent on personal destruction since inauguration, flopped. They have tried Access Hollywood tapes, Stormy Daniels, Russian collusion, Ukraine. He is still standing. How about tackling real national problems?

The haters could get rid of Trump in November, but take a look at the A-Team going into battle: a small-town boy mayor, a cranky Vermont socialist, a nagging pretend-Indian senator, and Joe Biden going for the hat trick of failed presidential bids.

Mike Bloomberg anyone?