The recent column by Star Parker about Delta’s CEO entering politics for some self-imposed reasons was well written. I wonder whether or not the CEO even knows the rules and procedures for Georgia’s voting changes or just took President Biden’s word when he called Georgia’s voting procedures “sick.”

Those of us who know the changes made to have full transparency of voting for everyone is ideal. Other states are doing the same. Moving Major League Baseball’s 2021 All-Star Game to Colorado is stupid.

As one Black activist lawyer stated, why move from a heavily Black voter state to a mostly White voter state? The move makes no sense.

I, for one, will boycott Delta Airlines, Coca-Cola, the All-Star Game and other companies that involved themselves in a Georgia boycott. Colorado’s voting procedures are more suppressive than Georgia’s. I volunteered as a precinct chairman for a number of years in Pueblo, Colo.

And for comparison, Biden’s own state of Delaware has more voter suppression than Georgia’s new changes.

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