I support President Donald John Trump, he is the only president who has done what he promised to do. Our economy is booming, unemployment is low.

Now the Democrats want President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence out of the White House so guess who becomes president if they are gone? An angry speaker of the house. What crime have they committed, referring to President Trump and Vice President Pence? None.

Plus, what about Barack Obama when he gave money to Iran, or Hillary Clinton when she never sent support to our embassy in Libya? Now it has come down the Democrat Party who have become the Democrat National Socialist Party.

I support Trump and his administration 100%, and I pray for him and his cabinet, unlike House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. How could she say that as a Catholic, she prays for the president — while saying it with hate in her tone of voice and her demeanor? Sure, no one is going to agree with the president 100%. Half the time I don’t totally agree with people and elected officials in Des Moines, does that mean I don’t pray for them? Of course not. The Bible instructs me to pray for everyone in authority.

So if you’re like me, you’ll look past President Trump’s tweets and pray for him and also vote for him in November of this year. If you are tired of all the shenanigans the Democrats are playing, I invite you to come to the Republican caucus on Feb. 3.