One of Dave Baker’s “messages” when he ignored the compensation board’s recommendations for county salary increases (except for his own increase) is that he runs the county, the third elected supervisor and the rest of the county be damned.

Why should the average Dubuque County resident care? Because each of us is affected by the work of the three supervisors. We all have a stake in how well they work together to do the job we elected them to do. They determine money in and money out. They are responsible for funding all county functions. We are all impacted daily by their decisions.

County supervisors are public servants. We elected them — all three of them. They work for us. Baker and Jay Wickham seem to have forgotten that.

Baker’s bullying, along with Wickham’s lack of leadership and submissiveness to Baker, have resulted in serious dysfunction in our county supervisors. Ann McDonough is treated with disrespect and disdain, her opinions reflexively and often rudely disregarded. Pursuing their own agendas, they also ignore their own experts, county staff, process and common sense as they remain in lockstep with one another.

We need supervisors who are able to work with one another, who are leaders, who think independently, who work across the county, and not just with their buddies and to their own private agendas.

We need supervisors who treat one another professionally and with respect, no matter if they agree with one another or not.

Sadly, Baker and Wickham completely miss the mark.