I am a resident of Dubuque’s Ward 4. I have known Jay Schiesl for over 10 years. He coached my oldest son at the Dream Center in basketball, and he mentored me in different aspects of my life and career.

He is an awesome dad, husband, grandpa, a founding member of the Dream Center, a community volunteer and coach. Jay’s credentials as a dedicated community member have been well-documented throughout the years. His tireless campaign efforts and involvement in the community are greatly appreciated, as are the goals he has articulated for retaining and expanding business in Ward 4, and a city focus on equality and equity for minorities and the underserved in Dubuque.

Jay is passionate about being an effective and beneficial voice for Ward 4 City Council. I strongly believe he will be a true advocate for all residents of the Dubuque community, and that he will help ensure that all residents are heard.


I am certain Jay will continue to serve the city with the exact same passion he exhibits in all of his endeavors.

Our ward needs him on the city council.