With all the bad press that the VA Hospitals and Clinics receive, I wanted to acknowledge that the services I receive in Dubuque, Iowa City and, in the past, Madison Wis., have been first rate and in my case, life-saving.

The doctors, nurses, physicians assistants and helping staff are all friendly, courteous, helpful and caring.

My Grant County Veterans Service officers are both helpful and caring and look out for my best interests doing whatever they can to help.


I wanted to thank all these professionals for their expertise, professionalism, hard work, and most of all the kindness and caring they have all shown me. These folks have helped me through two life-saving events and I am still on this earth to tell about it.

There is plenty of bad press out there about our veterans services and I, for one, wanted to point out that this is not the case at these VA facilities I go to.

I also do need to acknowledge that when VA services were not available I was sent to University of Wisconsin Hospital and University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics for treatment and care. The VA made sure I got the care I needed even when they could not provide it and I am eternally grateful for that action as well as it saved my life.