When I think about the promises that were made when the Holy Family Catholic Schools system was formed, I am very skeptical about the recent promises implied with the possible closing of two more schools.

Catholic education is not available to very many due to higher tuition, lack of access to a neighborhood school, etc. Promises are that they will exist for future generations and smaller subsidies to the parishes. With fewer schools, where are they planning on getting new students?

And how long exactly are parish subsidies going to be reduced? Five years or more? Because of those high subsidies, parishes cannot effectively form faith or evangelize.

The only winner with this is the public school system.


Don’t let buildings stand idle, and don’t allow more families to desert their faith.

Teachers with fewer students will soon be out of work. With all the talented members of the Holy Family board and the administrators, surely they can come up with a better solution than making the system smaller and less effective.

For everyone’s sake, they should try to do so.