Here are more Psychology 101 observations (in response to David Overby’s letter to the editor, Nov. 13). The voting confusion was created with lawsuits in Pennsylvania by changing the rules and time schedules at the last minute. Also, for the last four years the media helped create the image of President Trump as an illegitimate president. His detractors used innuendos and unsubstantiated information to tie him to Russia and to try to impeach him. They have ignored the Constitution concerning Michael Flynn and then created false narratives and questions about Attorney General Bill Barr. The Associated Press, Twitter and Google also managed to omit facts to prevent people from making educated decisions.


David Overby is correct, “it’s not about the truth, it is about the perception of the truth.” Goebbels would be proud. Karl Marx, Stalin and Lenin would be proud. North Korea, China, Russia and Venezuela are probably very happy, also.