I saw Amy Gilligan’s letter of July 6 about the TH trip to Greece in October. I only have one thing to say to my fellow TH readers who may be considering it — GO! Of course you can see by my name that I am an American of Greek decent. Yes, all my grandparents and my father were born in Greece and emigrated to the U.S. between 1908 and 1950. I’ve been to Greece many times before. Next year I’m going to spend a week at my Dubuque friends Pete and Connie Lambropoulos’ village home in Artemida near Olympia. The history, the culture, the blue water, the beautiful mountains, and the food are what you will enjoy in this amazingly hospitable country! The best way to see it all for the first time is with a great tour company such as Premier World Discovery. They know all the good stuff to show you.

If you want a taste of Greece in Dubuque, my church St. Elias Greek Orthodox Church, 419 N. Grandview Ave., will be having our first post-quarantine gyro sale August 27. Come by for a delicious gyro and if you have any questions about the beautiful country of our heritage, Connie, Pete, and I will be there to answer them! Kalo Taxidi! Good travels!

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