We are faced with a very important election. The Republicans want you to believe lies about former Vice President Biden and Senator Harris. President Donald Trump won the last election because of the electoral college count.

He claims that he doesn’t take his salary, but he has all of his family on the payroll and his Trump properties have cost the taxpayers over $115,000,000 for his golf trips. This is the equivalent of 287.5 years of his salary as president.

He was deferred at least three times and never served his country, but he called our servicemen and -women "losers" and "suckers." That is treason to our heroes.


He doesn’t believe in a free press which is one of our most important freedoms in a democracy.

He failed to properly respond to the coronavirus and cost us over 200,000 lives and many lost jobs.

He threatens to take the Affordable Care Act away from 20,000,000 people and many more with pre-existing conditions.

He has burdened working families with Republican tax scams that will make the working families pay for tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans and drug companies.

He refused to lower prescription drug prices and support legislation passed by House Democrats that would allow Medicare to negotiate and cap pricing on drugs Americans need every day.

He has cut Social Security and Medicare and raised the retirement age. We will all suffer from this executive order.

He doesn’t believe in climate change and has pulled the U.S. out of the Paris Agreement and endangered our planet. We have had terrible wildfires, hurricanes and flooding again. Many lives and jobs have been lost as well as the cost of cleanup and repairs for these areas.

He has put children in cages and the U.S. has lost the respect of other countries.

Is this the America we want?

God Bless America, get out and vote blue.