The American military is a socialist organization.

Just like our socialist road system, health and education.

Socialism: the contract within a society where there is agreement that some elements — security, health, education, transportation access — are best funded by everyone for everybody.

There is national security, universal access to transportation access, health and education society-wide so that capitalists have the freedom and means to make money for their employees and stockholders. This is how socialism works in most societies, including ours.

Socialism is a concept paired with capitalism for the best of both worlds. Socialism is an economic idea, just like capitalism.

Socialism has nothing to do with government or our elected representatives. A congressman cannot be a socialist, because socialism is an economic idea, not a political one.

Governments are structured along the spectrum from pure democracy (which some Greeks apparently questioned) to a tyrannical dictatorship such as observed in the Kremlin and White House. But we are blessed with a representative democracy, the best possible balance in history, America’s greatest strength. Within this governmental framework our socialist military can work for the capitalist bankers. The Wall Street capitalists can, or should, fund the socialist military.

Or as with the socialist motto of d’Artagnan and the Three Musketeers, “One for all, and all for one”.

So, I’m a socialist — kind of. And so too are you a socialist — kind of.

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