Farmers need our moral support, as well as financial aid.

The Washington Post on May 13 reported on the $16 billion aid package for American farmers hit by the trade war with China. President Trump has been critiqued for initiating trade wars with China. However, this assistance indicates the president’s concern for our farmers, and rightfully so.

Remember when the petroleum wars happened, drivers felt the brunt but were not compensated.

However, our farmers deserve any compensation available for continued survival of this precious market.

Let us also remember that farmers constantly face natural forces, as was wisely illustrated in the editorial cartoon the Telegraph Herald published July 6.

Hopefully, the government subsidy will enable farmers to avoid bankruptcy. No farmers equals no food.

Voters, check out candidates who appreciate our farmers and have specific plans to support them. Meanwhile, let us respect their endeavors and hard work to service our basic need for food.

Wonderful farmers, our world salutes you all!

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