You’ve probably heard that the proposed biofuels fuel standard in Iowa would increase demand for Iowa-made biodiesel, and that it’s an investment in our economy, keeping good-paying jobs in mostly rural areas.

As a biodiesel operator, shift lead for 14 years at Western Dubuque Biodiesel, I’d like to put a name and face to one of those jobs. I ask you to think of me and the other 23 people who work at our Farley, Iowa, manufacturing plant when you hear about the biofuels legislation currently under consideration in Des Moines.

This policy would help not only the farmers who grow soybeans, but also me and the thousands of other jobs supported by biofuels. Unlike depending solely on petroleum, this biofuels standard would increase demand for the product we manufacture in the state from our own resources, which would in turn lead to more good jobs like mine in communities that need them.

An ABF Economics study estimates that the biofuels standard would add an additional $457 million to Iowa GDP and will support more than 3,500 additional jobs in all sectors of the economy by 2026.

March 18 marked National Biodiesel day, a good time to remember all the economic benefits this fuel has delivered to our state. Biodiesel is also a good investment in the environment with proven lower carbon intensity — even more reason to celebrate. Please ask our local legislators to support us by voting in favor of the Iowa Biofuels Standard.

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