When COVID-19 virus came to our attention and our government asked everything to close, I was very angry. All the things I enjoyed doing and the places I enjoyed going to were closed or shut down, and I was told to stay home. I will humbly admit, I did not stay home, but I was cautious and did follow all of the warnings and suggestions to help avoid the spread.

The thing that I was the most angry about was the closing of our churches, an essential in my life. I talked with many people before I accepted the closing and better understood why. When the churches reopened, I was elated! Now I can attend Sunday and weekday Mass and most importantly receive Jesus in the Eucharist, Communion.

My parish is St. Anthony’s. Our leaders, custodians and parishioners are doing a great job. There are hand sanitizers at every entrance, the pews are sanitized after every Mass, we wear masks and sit six feet apart. Many people have not yet returned and they are missed.


During the closing of the churches, I watched our Pastor Father Steve celebrate Mass on YouTube and watched daily Mass on EWTN. It just wasn’t what I needed for my spiritual health.

To all who love God and need spirituality in their lives, please consider returning to your church of choice, whatever religion or denomination.

God is waiting for us to come to worship together, in community.