“Sometimes courage skips a generation.” This line from the book, “The Help,” seems fitting to describe our time.

Consider the shameful silence of the majority including our own U.S. senators time after time.

Silence instead of offering appropriate words of congratulations to President-elect Biden.


Silence as the president refuses to cooperate in the transitional process with President-elect Biden.

Silence when children at the border were separated from their parents, some perhaps separated forever, and put into cages.

Silence when at the Supreme Court, the Trump Administration argued to cut off health care from millions of citizens during a dangerous pandemic.

Silence at the reality of nearly 240,000 deaths from COVID-19.

Silence when the president who never served in the military called men and women in the Armed Forces losers.

Silence when the Republican Lt. Governor of Texas offered a million dollars to anyone who could confirm voter fraud.

Silence when Republican lawyers filed baseless voter fraud cases in court.

Silence when the Secretary of State in Georgia announced a hand recount instead of by machine for the sole purpose of slowing down the process.

Silence about their decision to reject additional witnesses during the impeachment trial in the Senate, and then voting to support the president because of a lack of evidence.

Silence when President Trump’s political rallies and White House gatherings turned into COVID-19 spreader events.

Silence as the minimum wage remains at $7.25 an hour, unchanged since 2009.

Silence as over 400 bills from the House gathered dust and died on Senate Majority Leader McConnell’s desk.

Facts are stubborn things.