Those who watched the recent presidential “press conference” viewed a scripted event that demonstrably proved the diminishing mental state of the man occupying the most powerful position in the world.

Where is the enthusiastic praise from our Democrat friends for the fabulous job Biden is doing? Perhaps they are too embarrassed to admit their error. They are indeed paying the same higher gas prices and notice the massive additions to the unemployment numbers.

The invasion at our southern border, created by Biden, is criminal behavior by both the invaders and those allowing it to happen. The Biden administration is now complicit in child abuse, rape and enabling the Mexican cartels to funnel drugs that will kill thousands and destroy families. Democrats said

$5 billion for the wall was too expensive, but $155 billion a year to support them here illegally is a human right. Remember — you are paying for this, just like the billions you are spending for non-COVID “pork” while receiving a “stimulus” that is a fraction of the trillions spent.

They hated President Trump and called him a dictator, yet Biden has written more “executive orders” in the first two months than any of his predecessors. And about that “transparency” — the only thing transparent is the vacant stare on his face. Did you really vote for this?

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