Last week Governor Kim Reynolds announced that she had rejected $95 million in federal money for coronavirus testing in schools because she didn’t think there was a need for testing. The funds were to be used for surveillance testing of school age children.

She made the comment that she didn’t need President Biden’s money. As we learn more about the COVID-19 virus and the mutant variants, testing plays a key role in controlling the spread of the virus. The funds were sent to Iowa to keep our school children safe.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, last week 22.4% of the new cases were children. One year ago, children accounted for 3% of new cases.

It is very concerning that our governor, who says she is pro-life, seems to have no problem sending back $95 million that could have been used to keep our children healthy. The COVID-19 virus does not respect the political affiliation of children’s parents, it will infect anyone it comes in contact with. If we don’t test, we have no idea if it is being spread until it is too late.

Sending back $95 million keeps our children at risk of becoming infected, spreading the virus, and possibly dying. She forces the schools to open and then rejects funds that could have been used to keep children safe. This is not leadership; this is disregard for the safety of our children.

Governor Reynolds where are your priorities?

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