Trump vs. Fauci! Stupidity vs. Science!

A couple of months ago, we all had hope that the pandemic would be over by now; that couldn’t be farther from what is happening.

We have Republicans (like L. Boebert), Fox News, and tons of misinformation that persuaded the stupid not to get vaccinated. Science is too hard for them to understand, so follow the Trump faithful!

All of these Trump followers who don’t see this for what it is, let me help: many Americans who have received the polio and smallpox vaccine know the importance of getting vaccinated. Those Trump “true followers” should ask why did so many politicians got their shots while hundreds are dying a day. Let’s be clear: 95% of the infected now with COVID-19 aren’t vaccinated.

Bottom line: Cost of insurance for Americans!

Who is going to pay for the health care that these COVID deniers are needing when they didn’t get the shot and get infected? Everyone!

Insurance companies should not be responsible for any health care payments for COVID patients if they haven’t been vaccinated/resulting in no coverage, or raise the cost of coverage for the unvaccinated.

That will help stop all Americans from paying more for the stupidity of the anti-vaxxers.

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