I recently sent a note to our two U.S. senators from Iowa asking how it’s possible that every member of a political party can always vote exactly the same? If this is true, we can get the same results with fewer politicians.

I asked how the impeachment trial in the Senate could be an honest trial if the president and Senate leadership are working together? I thought the Legislative Branch was designed to keep the Executive Branch from overstepping its authority. Obviously something is rotten in our politics.

If our politicians won’t do their job to protect us, the voters have no choice but to fire them and elect people that will protect us.


Sen. Lisa Murkowski has enough common sense and decency to say the Senate leadership is wrong in not presenting a fair trial with all the witness information available. The American people want to hear all the facts so we can decide who is right and who is wrong. We can then vote accordingly to keep the honest people.

We depend on a free press to present the facts. We are fools to believe social media information.