Greenbacker Renewable Energy, the New York investment firm that now owns the industrial wind energy system near Greeley suggests “repowering” all 17 wind turbines at a cost of $45 million. According to Greenback’s representative, “While the project is perfectly functional and capable of running 20 to 30 more years, there is also a lot of benefit of a repower in the eight-to-12-year range.”

There is nothing wrong with the turbines. The only ones benefiting in this case are the New York bankers. Iowans who care about the environment should be outraged at the blatant corporate greed. This “repowering” will result in over 900,000 pounds of turbine blades being dumped into a landfill where they will slowly leech their toxic chemicals into the earth for the next 1,000 years.

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My husband's maternal grandfather, Elmer McKitrick, managed the Inter-Stare Garage in Dubuque in the 1920s & beyond. They put out an metal advertising ash tray in 1929 that gave customers $10 off a purchase of a used car. I have been looking for one of these for my husband for 40+ years. He has had dementia for 10 years, is doing very well, but & I would like to find one before it takes a bigger toll on him. I would like to pass it onto our son since it is family history. All I have is a newspaper clipping & photo of one from the Telegraph Herald, dated Dec. 18, 1975, so we know they existed. If anyone could find further info. or knows of where one is, I would greatly appreciate it. Willing to pay, but we are on limited incomes, so it would depend on price. Thank you in advance for any help! Julie Faulkner Garrett, Indiana

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