This is in response to the July 18 TH guest editorial that was critical of Winston Churchill’s public and private life.

I’m not able to analyze all the details of his actions. I was hoping someone more able might respond.


My positive feelings toward Churchill are based on an understanding of his early reaction to the rise of Nazism and his inspirational speeches during WWII. I’ve also been interested in his response towards his bipolar tendency; both in a negative way by the use of alcohol and a positive way in writing about the benefits of art work and becoming an accomplished artist.

It is in fashion these days to point out the failings of past leaders; this is fine as we realize we all are a mix of good and bad and there’s a way to identify the good. It is difficult to judge past decisions without an understanding of the context in which they were made. I still believe Churchill made some good decisions, this being all the more remarkable considering his battles with a mental illness.