The Jo Daviess County sheriff and state’s attorney recently concluded that their personal opinion on the State of Illinois’ laws is what dictates whether those laws should be enforced.

Never mind their oath to uphold the laws of the state; they will decide what’s enforceable.

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wish you would have the same concern for biden not enforcing border closure


Absolutely! They don’t seem a bit concerned about that.

I’m proud of the sheriffs for standing up against unconstitutional edicts.


While the courts have prevented the Title 42 public health order from lifting for now, the Biden-Harris Administration announced new enforcement measures to increase security at the border and reduce the number of individuals crossing unlawfully between ports of entry. So what are you referring to?


Coming from a 4 day a week newspaper that steps all over the first amendment. Pick an chose who can comment. The IT people where I’m employed have loved my phone for the last couple years. Comments erased,can only view my post while other phones show all, other peoples post doing the same, but what else would you expect

Gambier Bay

I believe the Supreme court is allowing states rights to over rule now. If there was a state where all abortions were banned, but a county sheriff decided he would not enforce the law in his county, would that be alright? All laws that are passed need to be enforced until the people speak with there vote.

Darlene S

Sanctuary city refers to municipal jurisdictions, typically in North America, that limit their cooperation with the national government's effort to enforce immigration law.

Waiting for the TH to condemn these cities....



Who Knows

It's their sworn duty to uphold the Constitution.

{who knows} same rules for president


Funny, coming from a news source that has nothing to say about NATIONAL border issues, which have been on the books for YEARS, and these LAWS are not being challenged in the courts. PLEASE, quit being selective on your right and wrong really, really makes you look bad.


Goonybirds and Dummybirds don't realize Biden has done nothing wrong, they are related to Gossipbirds who only follow rumors and B S.

gliver i suppose he doesn't have any classified documents in his garage either

Big Red

Downstate judge issues temporary restraining order over Illinois' new assault weapons ban.

Big Red

SAF files injunction in Illinois gun ban.

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