COVID-19 is devastating our nation. Unemployment almost double what it was before the pandemic, over 26 million adults in America didn’t have enough food to eat the past few weeks, and still almost 20 million are at risk of being evicted from their homes. Yet Senate Republicans took months to agree on a COVID relief bill for Americans because it didn’t help large corporations enough.

It’s shameful that lawmakers dismiss the hardship that millions are facing from COVID. This was a survival bill for millions and shouldn’t have been muddied by corporate immunity language or write offs for large corporations.


Addressing the dangerous impact of COVID requires more than thoughts and prayers: politicians need to put aside their partisan politics and take action to pass needed policies. That means Senators Grassley and Ernst needed to tell Majority Leader McConnell to stop obstructing a bipartisan, comprehensive COVID relief package that saves pandemic unemployment benefits, extends the CDC’s rent moratorium and expands food assistance for families struggling to feed their families.

The final bill is a slap in the face to those hurting, reminiscent of “Let them eat cake.” Let’s hope the next bill comes soon enough to truly provides survival.