I’m sorry, but I just don’t get it.

I get being a conservative Republican and believing in smaller government.

I get voting for candidates that live and reflect the beliefs that you feel are important.

I get the fear that liberal Democrats will push the pendulum too far to the left.


I get voting Republican because you’ve always voted Republican, don’t like politics and pay no attention to anything that is going on in Washington. Although I find the last one hard to believe, given all that is going on in America and the number outlets pushing political information in all directions, I get it.

The thing I will never get is the undying devotion and allegiance to Donald Trump. He is not a conservative Republican. He does not care about smaller government. I can’t imagine anyone looking at Donald Trump and thinking “I hope my son grows up to be just like him.” As for the pendulum, there is no doubt that Trump has pushed it to the right, but what will truly conservative Republicans do when Trump pushes the pendulum past its breaking point and the Constitution becomes the Trumpstitution? I know to a small segment of the population that is when America becomes great again, but I cannot believe that truly conservative Republicans would feel the same.

Maybe that is where my inability to get it finds its real question. Have truly conservative Republicans in the image of Ronald Reagan become extinct, gone into hibernation or just given up?