When the talking heads on news channels tell their truth, is it really true? Most only spread their hate against a president who sends his hate right back at them.

America is more hate-filled then any time in its history.

Now the push is for the demise of white hate rhetoric. No one mentions any other color for hate-filled words. Being called racist makes whites fall back and hide.


To stop the hate of America, we must put an end of where it explodes on the very media where it is used as a rating tool by ones who claim they are reporting the news.

The president is also at fault by shooting back with his own brand of hate. You may find fault with this, but George W. Bush was the laid-back kind of guy who let the garbage fly from the other side and he just went about his business.

The president should follow GWB’s lead and let people from the liberal left shoot their mouths off and he should let them be the fools and not him.

The way to stop hate is to vote the ones out who are the real haters in this place known as Washington, D.C. Why do our elected people lead every interview with hate for our president and America? Every day, America is pushed lower in the eyes of the world, thanks to our leadership.

Use your minds before you use your vote. Liberalism will kill America, amen brother.

God bless America.