I was struck by the photo (Oct. 5) of the National Right to Life participant holding a sign reading

“Abortion Kills Children.” I wonder, how many anti-abortionists extend that concern to the children who are born?

How about a row of signs along the highway declaring these facts? Poor health care kills children. Substandard schools kill children. Racism kills children. Low pay for mothers kills children. Domestic violence kills children. Lousy child care kills children. Immunization hoaxes kill children. Food deserts kill children. Unregulated guns kill children. Climate change kills children. COVID denial kills children.


Tom Wickham’s letter to the editor that same day pointed out the damages of one-issue voting. Do you want a president who wants to install a U.S. Supreme Court justice who might participate in taking a woman’s choice away, driving her to a back-street abortion instead? Do you want a president who sees nothing wrong with putting toddlers in cages because their parents are “illegal”? Or do you want a president who understands abortion is regrettable and stands up for universal health care (including birth control) and reproductive freedom?

My mother was pro-choice. No, she never had an abortion. That’s what we mean by “choice.”