I believe the Telegraph Herald may have missed the mark with their Aug. 11 editorial defending the Dubuque city manager.

While I am not privy to the information causing the current dust-up with the City Council, I suspect it has much less to do with past accomplishments or current policy as the TH asserted, than it does with the city government providing a hostile work environment for employees.

If we restrict our knowledge to only what has surfaced via lawsuits about hostility in city departments, there seems to be enough

information to cause anyone to pause and call for a thorough investigation.

There may be parties looking to exploit this unfortunate situation in an attempt to retaliate against the city manager because of current policy differences or perceptions of past failure, but that does not relieve the moral and ethical responsibility of the city council from taking those claims of hostility seriously.

No history lesson is needed once we realize what is at issue is not policy, it’s hostility.

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