Spending $1.9 million for automated trash collection in City of Dubuque? Why? There are better options than wasting taxpayer money. I cannot accept more good, high paying City of Dubuque jobs going away. Secondly, I think the city can save money and not buy all these new trash cans. Third, what if the new trash can gets damaged, then who pays for the new trash can? City or citizen?

Let’s think outside the box and use all options before the citizens get charged for something they do not want. Here are some ways that could work — and yes, it involves the City of Dubuque mission statement: Excellent municipal services that support urban living; contribute to an equitable, sustainable city; plan for the community’s future; and facilitate access to critical human services. First of all, charge the out of state trash haulers a higher fee for dumping out of state trash in our landfill. Secondly, have the city resource educator really get involved with the recycling problem. Think outside the box. Go to the Dubuque community schools every quarter and really have fact/fun-based discussion with the students and teachers about recycling. Keep the kids engaged by giving them fliers to give to their parents about recycling and how it can be a fun recycling game for the family. Maybe create Facebook postings, YouTube videos, educational billboards, I have not seen any.

Why not get people involved? Let’s do the right educational program before we waste money.