A long hauler is not a semi driver.

Many think if you get COVID-19 you will be asymptomatic, have a mild illness for less than two weeks or, like a few, die. There also is a post-COVID syndrome and those that don’t fully recover are called “long haulers.” Young healthy people and others with health issues develop this, leading to chronic illnesses in various body systems. The most common symptom is fatigue, but heart, lung, neurologic, skin, kidney, gastrointestinal and more symptoms are reported. One in three persons getting COVID-19 may develop long term complications. Research has begun. Long haulers have formed support groups. Survivor Corps has 93,000 members and that is just one group.

I got COVID-19 while working as an RN where we don’t have enough COVID tests to test all inpatients and not enough N95 masks for all nurses. I cared for two untested patients that were unknown positives. I wore suggested PPE, but our patients don’t wear masks, and we can’t physically distance. I was quite ill. I still have a lung issue and fatigue after six weeks, but I am a lucky one as I am going to try to work this week.

I’m so grateful for my caretaker and the prayers and encouragement of family and friends.

Please keep wearing masks and physically distance. You never know if you could be asymptomatic and spread the virus to someone who then becomes a long hauler or dies!