I am writing in regard to two recent murals painted in the City of Dubuque.

The first mural is the raised and clenched fists on the Five Flags Center. Why is the city promoting hate and violence with a mural such as this? The word “solidarity” is also spelled out. Solidarity for who? Anarchists? This mural is obviously politically driven. Who in city government gave this the OK? Are the city leaders now kowtowing and buying indulgences from the latest fashionable protest group?


The second mural is that of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Another in-your-face political comment. A political comment that is adorned with a halo, no less. It cannot be denied that RBG was a larger-than-life jurist, but to adorn the image though with a halo (alluding to sainthood) is a large slap in the face to the true pro-life Catholic practitioner. An ignorance of sensibilities is on display here.

It seems these murals are politically left driven. Why can’t the murals just be held to Dubuque or Iowa relevancy? It is obvious though that the powers approving these murals have a political message to pummel us with.