OK, Dubuquers. The big speed test is on for May. If you don’t slow down, you hang yourself, and the City Council puts in traffic cameras and says, “You did it to yourselves.” I think there should be an independent auditor to verify and authenticate the numbers.

U.S. 151 and 61 corridor, Northwest Arterial, Dodge Street corridor, and Jackson and White streets will be hot spots.

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Who Knows

There is no justifications for this. It only lines someone's pocket.


This letter epitomizes the life long consequences constant surveillance has taken on citizens' psychology–a passive, keep-your-head-down, apathy and civic irresponsibility.

These are not high school hall monitors but digital check points, just lacking the telltale fatigues and AKs, for now. First, Big Brother's cheerleaders just want the scaffolding for social credit scoring. Somebody gets a gold star, this week.

Where's the public debate of a cost to benefit analysis, much less the discussion of taking self agency nor self responsibility in society?

Why is public debate skipped entirely on such social and behavior altering technologies? Do citizens have a vote on where this cash goes, or is it just profits for unknown corporations and pay raises for the self interested authoritarians parasitizing on citizens?

If the citizens were able to vote to allocate 100% of these resources to those in need, do you really think these would still be implemented?

Who are these camera consultants/lobbyists and what are the motives of these supposed servants profiting from and life-logging taxpaying adults while essentially yelling, "stop running in the halls!"?

Who Knows


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