A few years back I went to a community event and heard Kriss Marion speak on local issues. I researched her and found that what she said made sense. I admired her concern for family farms, clean water, clean air, open government, evil effect of big money in politics, view on gerrymandering, nonpartisanship and health care.

I worked with her in bringing a Democratic voice to Lafayette County citizens when she helped push passage of the “We The People” resolution though the County Board, supporting the elimination of the “big money” effect on our government, and removing “corporate personhood” from its corrupting effects on politicians.

I worked with her in an unsuccessful attempt to gain Lafayette County Board support for a referendum to end “gerrymandering” in Wisconsin. Despite her full-throated support, the entrenched powers of Lafayette County, failed to support democracy, seeing fit to not take action on the issue, adopting her opponent’s view on gerrymandering.


When she sees injustice in the community, she acts. When she sees indifference for change in the county, she facilitates change. When she sees corruption in Wisconsin politics, she runs for office to change it!

Her opponent walks in lockstep with the entrenched powers who have proven that they will do anything to hold onto power, and choose party ideology over people.

While the Legislature whittles away at individual property rights, township rights and removal of county controls over our land and water, I want Kriss Marion on my side, fighting not for party, but for people.