I cannot! No, I will not accept the rationale that the best way to get more students to sign up for both higher level math and science classes is to build a culture where students feel comfortable, as well as knowing that they can/will be successful!

See, when I was at Coggon Community — now, North Linn, in eighth grade, back in the ’60s, I was “told” if I expected to go on to a four-year college, I needed to take specific math, science and language arts courses. The same was true when I transferred to Manchester West Delaware. They then set up a four-year plan — a schedule that I was not only expected to follow, but would address my educational needs.

Unfortunately, today, parents, as well as Dubuque schools, are not encouraging students to look to the future — to show how all this can benefit them down the road! Instead, too many are living only for the moment, wondering how the present coursework can benefit them right now!


We also know it is human nature to take the easiest path to reach a goal — in this case, graduate from high school. So, why would anyone want to sign up for challenging classes if there is an easier way to attain the same objective?

This also means if there is a course offered in basket weaving that would satisfy the math requirement to graduate, you can bet many others will be joining me in signing up for it.