What are the Democrats trying to prove with their fanatic attempt to reverse the 2016 election and “get” Donald Trump?

We, the public, get it that they hate the Bronx Buffoon who defeated the Smartest Woman in the World. But this is insane.

The Mueller Report, a Russian pursuit, was going to “get” Trump. After two years and zillions of dollars, it didn’t. Despair.

So Mueller was practically forced to testify before the House of Representatives. He was exposed as a semi-senile man who couldn’t answer questions and knew little of the report’s content. Three strikes!

Desperate Democrats now are going to court to subpoena the grand jury testimony. This is nuts! “There is no there there,” as a Trump hater stated early on in this saga.

Donald Trump was legally elected despite voters knowing that he talked lewdly, played loosely with the truth, most likely had dalliances with the stripper and the Playmate, and was narcissistic, arrogant and insensitive.

How did the Democrats lose? Well, they rigged the primary so Hillary would be their candidate when Bernie Sanders was the one who was exciting voters. It wasn’t the Russians.

So the party that never believes it can lose (Al Gore), and has the love of national media, flails on in this quixotic attempt to “get” Trump. Such devotion should be directed to the migrant crisis.

The fact is they will never “get” Trump and certainly not before the 2020 election — when Tim Tebow gets my vote.

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