I agree with Mr. Richard Wagener, the

Telegraph Herald Sunday Opinion Piece

(Feb. 9), and the advice of Paul Schultz, former waste disposal manager. More thought has to go into the proposal to buy two new garbage trucks, eliminate two jobs and raise refuse collection fees.

It seems we might look to saving the money, holding waste collection fees down and hiring more people to help the city reuse and recycle even more efficiently than it is now doing.

To do that, someone has to start thinking outside of the box. Might there be other alternatives? For example: glass. Why not invest in a glass crushing business and sell the aggregate to businesses that might use it to make lower grade concretes, counter tops, new containers, kitchen tile, insulation, etc. Would it be cost efficient? Could we hire more people to work the business? Perhaps some entrepreneur would collect as a service to the community and be paid for his/her effort? Perhaps the community sustainability people would like to research this.

I couldn’t conclude without expressing my gratitude to the city workers who pick up after me!