The November elections are about two diametrically opposed positions on the role of government. Whether we realize it or not, we will choose between:

  • Free speech or speech police.
  • Freedom to worship as we choose or worshiping government.
  • Freedom to choose union membership to get or keep a job or forced unionism.
  • The right to bear arms or government taking away citizens’ rights to bear arms.
  • An unborn child’s right to life or abortionists’ right to kill that defenseless unborn child.
  • Keeping the Supreme Court at nine justices (even Ruth Bader Ginsburg said that should remain) or “packing the Supreme Court” (i.e. adding more justices to have a majority).
  • Keeping the Electoral College or abolishing it.

In an interview a few months ago, Kamala Harris said she would pack the court if elected and refused to answer whether she would pack the Supreme Court when asked in the VP debate recently. Joe Biden would not answer the same question at the first presidential debate.

Eliminating the Electoral College would effectively make states between the coasts (we in the Midwest) non-factors because the coastal states are so heavily populated.


When Joe Biden said he would “fundamentally transform” this nation, he was talking about all of the above changes and more.

The Green New Deal proposed by Democrats would eliminate whole industries and cost taxpayers trillions of dollars. Our children would be saddled with massive government debt.

The consequences of the 2020 elections are grave, so consider carefully before voting.